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About Us

My name is Andre, and I am the owner of TechWiz Services & Repairs. I started this business in 2020, during the crazy world-changing epidemic. When "essential businesses" were the only things being allowed to open, people still needed their devices fixed. I saw this as an opportunity to offer what other businesses don't - a repair service that you don't have to go to because it comes to you! I've always been a tinkerer, fixing random things around the house that I could, and I genuinely enjoy doing so. As a mobile business, I aim to get in touch with both customers that do have a local repair shop, and those in areas without any shops at all. No more driving 45 minutes just to get a phone screen repaired, let me come to you!

Curious About What I Service & Repair?

As you know, technology is essentially everything in this day and age. While I would love to say I can repair ALL technology, I cannot. My ability net catches plenty of issue fish, but some have to be let back into the sea.


My specialty is Phone Repair. This includes the brands of Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, even some Windows phones. If I can get my hands on the parts, I have you covered! I can perform screen replacements, camera replacements, even back glass replacements for iPhones.


I do not, however, do motherboard work. That requires a certain set of skills and equipment which I do not have. I also do Tablet Repair, which follow basically the same guidelines as Phone Repair. On the servicing side, I do Laptop Software. No hardware as laptop parts are hard to come by. I also service Desktop Software and Hardware, which includes PC Building! Need a website created for your business? I'm your guy!


Technology can cause headaches, and you can use me as your Advil! Need to know more? Feel free to ask!

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